Scuba Diving with an iPod: My Dream Has Become a Reality

I love music, absolutely love it. Prior to working at PADI I worked for a classic rock station, and am big into highway karaoke (sometimes I’ll even rock the drum solo on my steering wheel).

For the longest time I’ve dreamed of listening to music while diving. The #1 thing on my to-do-list is fly across the reefs of Cozumel with Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir blasting in my ears.

That dream could soon become a reality. . .

The iDive 300 takes music to new depths. Unlike the first underwater MP3 players, this device works with everyone’s favorite portable music player – the iPod (see graphic below for which ones). Suggested retail is $350 – REI, the Apple store, and Fry’s reportedly stock this item. It can also be purchased on line.

This new invention presents new dive safety issues, but there are interesting opportunities as well. Imagine diving a historic wreck with narration provided by one of the Deep Sea Detectives. Tec divers could while away their deco stops watching a movie or listening to a book on tape. Yours truly could rock the world’s greatest underwater guitar solo…

Would you dive with an iPod? Take our poll and/or leave a comment below.

UPDATE 18 Nov 2008:

The poll results are in! This was a close one. We were almost 50/50 down to the wire.

In the end, 54% voted “Rock On!” and 46% prefer the silent world.

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