Help the Seattle Aquarium with Scuba Hand-Me-Downs

Seattle Aquarium logo

Last weekend I had a great visit to the Seattle Aquarium. I asked Jeff (aquarium biologist and dive safety officer) if there was anything PADI Instructors or divers could do to support the aquarium. He said,

“We need retired dive gear!”

Wetsuits, fins, BCs, (anything that hasn’t been on someone’s head or in someone’s mouth) are greatly appreciated. Families use the items to play diver dress up – and it’s a riot. Jeff told me he’ll be in the tank giving a talk and kids will run up wearing wetsuits and fins waving at him like crazy.

If you have gear to donate, contact Jeff at 206-386-4279.

The aquarium can be a great addition to your next Fish ID class. Conduct dives in the morning, then invite student’s family and friends to meet at the aquarium for lunch and a tour. Students will enjoy sharing their experience and expertise.

By pre-registering the student’s certifications, you can have a great photo opp of the students with their certification cards under the dome. Not to mention, a trip to the aquarium is a great way to support marine research and conservation.

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