Top 5 PADI Products You Probably Aren’t Using – But Should Be

Top 5 PADI Products You Probably Aren’t Using
– but should be.

Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving Multimedia DVD-ROM#1
Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving Multimedia

Most people don’t realize this is a 3-in-1 product. The DVD-ROM contains both the Encyclopedia and the Diving Knowledge workbook. It also has four hours worth of video that can be used when teaching a divemaster or equipment specialist course.

Popular videos include: the fire-y birth of scuba tank, Sea Hunt clips, and animations of how air flows through a regulator. The best way to move this item is to let people

Product no. 70833
Member Price: $53.60
Suggested Retail: $71.80

PADI custom logbook binder#2
Personalized Logbook Binder

Nike. Apple. Starbucks. It’s impossible to forget these brands because their logos are everywhere. Take a page from their play book with the personalized dive log binder.

Personalization adds (at most) 30 cents per binder and the impact is huge. Every time your customer logs a dive they’ll be reminded of your business.

Purchase the open water crewpak with loose-leaf adventure log pages and the binder is a natural add on sale.

Product no. 79137 (min. order 12)
Suggested retail: $26.80

EFR Care at a Glance Card#3
EFR Emergency Care-at-a-Glance Card

A smart and inexpensive add-on sale during the EFR course, the care at a glance card eases student concerns about forgetting lifesaving procedures at critical time. The laminated, card is only 4″ x 6.5″ when folded and easily fits in a glove box, backpack or first aid kit.*

Product no. 50037
Member Price: $4.30
Suggested Retail: $5.80

* Creating a simple pre-packaged first aid kit branded with your business information is convenient for students and can be easily accomplished with products from your local Fred Meyers, Target, etc.

Underwater Photography book#4
Digital Underwater Photography crewpak

As scuba instructors, our job is to detect and correct problems. Underwater photography can be one of those problems.

Many divers have tried underwater photography on their own with disappointing results. Others are intimidated to even try due to concerns about flooding an expensive camera. It’s a shame because taking underwater photos is cheaper and easier* than it’s ever been. Not to mention – it’s a great excuse to take lots of exotic dive trips!

As with most PADI courses, the Digital Underwater Photo course is designed around home study. So, for around $40, students can pick up the Digital Underwater Photography crewpak and significantly shorten the learning curve.

Of course they’ll want to complete their certification with a PADI Professional to practice skills in the pool and get personalized feedback. New to teaching DUP? Check out our article: tips on teaching digital underwater photography.

Product no. 70092
Member Price: $30.80
Suggested Retail: $41.30

* Olympus makes a digital camera that can be submerged in water without a housing. In other words, if the housing floods it’s not a problem.

PADI eLearning
regional eLearning chartSurprisingly, the Pacific Northwest / Northern California states trail all other regions for eLearning certifications.

Out of more than 6,000 domestic eLearners, our share is only 8%. You’d think with Seattle, Portland and Silicon Valley in our region we’d lead the way!

While price is sometimes an issue, there’s no question people will pay extra for the sake of convenience. The graph (left) shows the number of eLearners in each region of PADI Americas. Take a look at the Northeast.

The New England states promote eLearning alongside their standard learning options. In other words, when someone inquires about learning to dive they offer two options: eLearning or standard classroom. As you can see, their numbers are quite high, proving that there is a demand for this type of course.

PADI eLearning Access PassBased on member feedback – we’ve recently simplified the eLearning sign up process. The PADI eLearning Access Pass allows you to pre-purchase an eLearning course.

In other words, you can sell an eLearning course in one transaction rather than having the student pay $120 on and another $300 in-store for the pool and dives.

For questions about eLearning, please don’t hesitate to contact Barry or myself.

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