Introducing the eRDPML

new PADI eRDPThere’s an exciting announcement in the third quarter Undersea Journal. PADI is retiring The Wheel and in its place we have the eRDPML.

New features:

  • Multi-level dive planning
  • Sound can be turned off
  • More robust design
  • Plan up to 5 consecutive dives
  • Plan up to 3 consecutive multi-level dives

Useful info:

  • Available the end of July
  • Pre-order through Megan
  • Pre-order not available online
  • Product no. 70031
  • Desktop version: 70903
  • Member Price: $24.20
  • Suggested retail: $32.40


Because the eRDP replaces the original eRDP and The Wheel, you can use it in any PADI course to plan either single or multi-level dives. You may continue to use the regular eRDP and wheel in your course until stock is used up.

In other words, current Divemaster / AI/ OWSI candidates should use whatever RDPs they’ve already purchased for the class. There is no requirement to upgrade.

We’ll be shipping the eRDP “Classic” in our crewpaks until we run out. Similarly, we’ll continue to sell OW crewpaks with The Wheel and Wheels ala carte until our stock is exhausted.

Additional information can be found in the third-quarter training bulletin – now printed at the end the Undersea Journal.

Be the first kid on your block to own our new toy!
Call me about a pre-order . . .

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