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PADI eLearning Access Zone
We now have PADI eLearning gift certificates- called the “eLearning Access Pass.” They are available now and come in two types:

Unaffiliated: consumer-to-consumer
Megan wants her friend Barry to try eLearning. She logs on to and purchases an unaffiliated eLearning Access Pass for $120.

When the transaction is complete she receives a PIN code via email. She also receives a link to print off a gift certificate for Barry.

PADI eLearning gift certificate
Barry logs on to, enters his PIN number and is prompted to select a dive center. Barry chooses Steve’s Scuba Shack.

The owner of Steve’s Scuba Shack (Scuba Steve) receives an email notification that Barry has affiliated with his store. A few weeks later, he receives a check from PADI for his standard commission on eLearning.

Affiliated: business-to-consumer
Xenon Printers Inc. would like to offer scuba lessons to employees as part of its corporate wellness program. Steve’s Scuba Shack wins the contract on the basis of their eLearning package which includes: convenient online knowledge development in addition to the confined and open water work required for certification.

To prepare for the first class of 8 Xenon employees:

1. Scuba Steve logs on to the PADI Pros site and clicks the eLearning Access Zone link.
2. He purchases 8 eLearning Access Passes for $120 each.
3. In a matter of moments, Scuba Steve receives 8 PIN codes via email – each code is linked to his store.
4. Using the Access Pass website, Steve generates an email to each student with their PIN code and information on how to get started. Steve can log in later to see which students have redeemed their PIN codes.

PADI eLearning Access Pass Access Zone email Access Pass to a student

Unfortunately, one of the Xenon employees has to drop out of the class. Since the PIN code has not been redeemed, Scuba Steve retains it for the next class. In a few weeks, Scuba Steve receives a check from PADI for 7 x his usual eLearning commission.

Other useful info:
The eLearning PIN codes do not expire. That said, once a student redeems the code, they must complete the course within 12 months.

Up to 20 eLearning Access Passes may be purchased in one transaction. To purchase more, a new transaction must be initiated.

Read our eLearning Access Pass FAQ.

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