Compressed Air-powered Car

We first reported on the compressed air car last summer. Now it looks like Forbes is following our lead.

The Aircar appeared at the 2008 New York International Auto Show as a competitor for the Automotive X PRIZE.

Will the Aircar steal the thunder from the hybrids and hydrogen cars? It’s a little too soon to say . . .

In a May 2008 article, Forbes reported on Aircar’s recent developments. A manufacturer has signed on to produce the cars in the US, but no release date is scheduled.

The Aircars (available in France) can go 125+ miles without a refill and top out at about 70 mph. A former Formula One engineer is behind the project, so more oomph should be just a matter of more R&D.

The engine runs on air compressed to just over 4000 psi. Each car has an on-board compressor; however, a fill-up takes four hours. The Forbes article laments, “The car’s limited range would require plenty of fill-ups at compressed-air service stations, except those don’t exist.”

Something tells me the author is not a diver…

You can view the Aircar in action here:

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