Confined Water Pool Games

“Time for fun and skill practice” is included as a performance requirement for every confined water session. The listing is not in bold, but it’s a key component nonetheless.

Pool games provide an opportunity for students to improve their skills while having fun. Some instructors (when pressed for time) omit this important element, but we should never cut corners on playtime! The more people have fun, the more likely they are to share their experience with friends and continue their scuba education.

Here are some of our favorite pool games. If there’s one you’d like to share, leave us a comment!

Ping Pong Ball Relay
Give each person a large spoon and each buddy team one ping-pong ball. Have a member from each buddy team kneel underwater with an overturned spoon in front of them. Plant the ping pong ball under the spoon and have them swim a lap around the pool (neutrally buoyant) then hand off the ball to their buddy. If the ball escapes, the student has to start the lap over again.

You can do this for bragging rights or prizes. I bring a variety of silly prizes for everyone, but the winning team gets first pick.

I Do You Do
After confined water four or five, have buddy teams assign each other skills. Brief students on some of the skills they can assign each other and/or hand out your confined water slates.

Hula Hoop Buoyancy Check
Float a hula hoop mid-water and have students swim through it. I like to do this in CW#4. After students complete their hover, have them swim through the hoop and take a lap around the pool. You can also use this game in PPB (use multiple hoops at different levels) or as part of an Adventures in Diving Olympics pool night.

Underwater Photo Booth
Bring an underwater camera to your first confined water session and have students take turns snapping photos. Encourage divers to act goofy – stand on their head, make faces, etc. It all adds up to helping students feel happy and more relaxed.

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