Cool shirts for scuba divers

Sometimes I feel like snowboarders have all the fun. Check out the shirt from Casual Industrees (pictured left). Is that a great design or what?

When you’re teaching, of course it’s important to look professional. For that we’ve got the nice folks at PADI

The rest of the time: dive trips, road trips, hanging out, BBQing, I want something that sends a message. Something like, “I’m a scuba diver, I’m interesting and I have good taste.” And I’m sorry but “Log Some Bottom Time” is not what I have in mind (you know the shirt I’m talking about).

I came across a company called Squidfire.* Check out some of their designs: (click to enlarge)

* No actual squids were harmed in the making of these shirts.

Cafe Press also has an interesting selection. They’re not all winners, but if you poke around, you’ll find a few gems. For example, they have a maternity shirt that says “The viz is bad, but the temp is great.” The words are printed in a speech bubble as though the baby is saying it.

I also found this cool Cave Diver T-shirt.

Have a scuba t-shirt site that you like? Leave us a comment below.


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