New Oxygen Provider Specialty

Emergency oxygen is the primary first aid in dive accidents but statistics show that less than half of divers in need actually receive it. By teaching the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider course, you can help close this gap – making sure your divers are ready to provide emergency oxygen.

PADI’s Emergency Oxygen specialty course takes about two hours and may be conducted in lieu of exercise nine in a Rescue Diver course. Many of your Rescue students may be close to achieving their Master Scuba Diver rating, and the Emergency O2 specialty counts as one of the five they need.

Here are the available products:

PADI Oxygen Provider ManualFor the student:
Emergency Oxygen Provider student package (82219)

Includes: 70019 Emergency Oxygen Provider student manual and 50051 O2 “At a Glance” reference card. MSRP is $31.40.

For the Instructor:
Emergency Oxygen Provider instructor guide (79118).

Here is the lowdown on crossing over:

Crossover an O2 Provider Distinctive Specialty Rating to a regular PADI Specialty Instructor Rating at no charge. Just trade it in!
Here’s how: Fill out and FAX a Specialty Change Form to PADI Customer Service (FAX # 949 267 1259). We will not send a new instructor card, but the distinctive specialty will be removed from the instructor’s record and the PADI Emergency O2 Provider Instructor Rating will be added.

If you would like to keep your Distinctive Specialty Rating:
Instructors may keep their distinctive rating (and continue teaching it as usual) and add the PADI course to their credentials. Apply using our standard specialty instructor application form (method 2), and include the specialty instructor application fee. List the O2 distinctive rating as proof of experience (no other experience necessary).

If you have a DAN certification:
Both the DAN O2 Provider and DAN O2 Instructor Rating may be used as proof of experience toward the PADI Emergency Oxygen Instructor Rating.

Assistant Instructors and Divemasters
AI’s and DMs may apply for the O2 Instructor rating by completing specialty instructor training with a course director.

For additional questions about applying to be a PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor, read our Oxygen course Instructor FAQs or contact PADI’s Training Department at: 800 729 7234 ext. 2540.

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