Scuba Diving Video Game for Wii

Last week Endless Ocean was released for Nintendo Wii.

The game is receiving fairly good reviews, but most of the kudos are for the graphics – not the action. The object of the game is to swim around and gather information about the underwater world. Sometimes you’re leading underwater tours, sometimes you’re just collecting data.

The game designers populated the world with an impressive variety of sea life: hundreds of fish, hard and soft corals, etc. The only downside is that you ID the critter by rubbing it with an over-sized hand. Clearly the designers were not AWARE divers. Also, the world of Endless Ocean is a world without gear clips. Watching the characters’ hoses going everywhere makes my inner divemaster very agitated.

I poked around on the web and found some more gameplay videos. Looks like there’s a night diving scenario and a cave dive. It’s all tropical diving from what I can tell. Personally, I would have included an advanced level where the character has to do a California shore dive on day with 4-6 ft. swells.


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