Slideshows are SO 2007 – make a music video

I would like to apologize to my family for every boring photo slideshow I ever sent. I promise that from now on I will only send slideshows created with is ridiculously easy to use and it’s free. I took photos of my desk and they look pretty darn great, eh? Here’s what I did:

Step one: upload photos to animoto
Step two: pick a song from their library
Step three: enjoy your bitchin’ video

If you have 15 minutes and 15 photos you can make a video. This would be great for a dive trip recap -here’s one I did using photos from Coral Sea Scuba’s Cozumel trip. You can email the finished product, or it will give you code to embed the video on your website.

How about a commercial to promote your Advanced Open Water class? Find 10-15 photos of students doing various adventure dives, upload them and voila.

I promise you, it’s really really easy. Give it a try, the results will make you feel like a techno-wizard.


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