EFR Emergency Kit in a bottle

I was at Fred Meyer’s last month and stumbled across a cool little item: an emergency kit in a bottle. The kit includes: band-aids, an emergency blanket, a distress flag and some little packets of antiseptic wipes. The whole package is stuffed into a shatterproof water bottle and it looks really nice on the shelf.

Okay, I just have to point this out – the kit is meant for auto emergencies and it includes sting relief. So even if you crash your car into a tree full of angry bees – you’ll be prepared. Har har.

The company (Nalgene) has a whole line of bottle kits and it got me thinking. It would be really easy to make an EFR kit just like this. It “merchandises” really well and is so practical even my mother would fork over $25 for it.

Here’s a sample list of contents:

EFR bottle kit

  • 32 oz polycarbonate bottle
  • EFR bandage pack (product no. 67055)
  • EFR Care-At-A-Glance card (product no. 53007)
  • band-aids (5-7 in assorted sizes)
  • first aid wipes (antiseptic and burn care)
  • laytex gloves
  • bandage tape
  • a card listing the bottle’s contents
  • an EFR sticker (inside the bottle facing outward)

I strongly recommend putting your logo or contact info on the bottle. Every time your customer sees that emergency kit, they’ll be reminded of where to go for first aid training. You can do this with a sticker, but a custom imprint is much classier and the additional cost isn’t too bad. For vendors, google “custom polycarbonate bottle.”

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