What’s your favorite BWRAF?

Here at PADI we love acronyms. New employees are often baffled by abbreviation-speak such as: When is the CDTC in AP and will they cover DUP?

My favorite is when people call in and say, “someone named DAN called and told me I need to speak to PADI, is she there?”

Though acronyms can be confusing, they can also be quite handy. Laurie and Ken at Pacific Watersports have a great one for remembering the five options in a low-air situation: NACBB.

No Air Can Be Bad
(Normal ascent, Alternate Air, CESA, Buddy breathe, Buoyant emergency ascent)

Got a great acronym? Whether it’s entirely new or your own creative version of Begin With Review and Friend* let’s hear it. Leave us a comment below!


* remember to keep it clean, people.

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