I’m Dreaming of a GREY Christmas

I’m headed back to Portland/Vancouver for the holidays which means revisiting my favorite indoor activities.

Watching movies
Reading Sci-Fi
Sitting as close as possible to the fire without setting myself ablaze
… and surfing the internet

Here are some of my favorite time-wasters of 2007: (hey, I get stuck on hold just like you do . . .)

Instructor Bruce in Northern Cal got me hooked on this addictive geography game. It’s a “travellers IQ test.” The game gives you a city name or world landmark and you have to click where it is on a map. Level one is easy (Las Vegas, The Tower of London, etc). By level four you have to find Fenway Park, Sydney Australia, etc. At level nine it’s East Timor and Azerbaijan. I made it to level nine, can you beat me?

Another popular one here at PADI is a vocabulary quiz that helps fight world hunger. For every question answered correctly, the United Nations will receive a donation for free rice. The website is appropriately called freerice.com.

I’d also like to thank Todd from Coral Sea Scuba & Watersports for sending this video of the World’s Trippiest Aquarium.



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