Best. Swimsuits. Ever.

I like to think of myself as a dive instructor with a “colorful” personality. I’ve got gear in every color imaginable – why should I settle for a boring swimsuit?

Oh sure I could get some kind of crazy bikini but, hello? It’s not comfortable under a 7 mil! I’m so glad there’s Splish.

Once a upon a time: a female tri-athlete got tired of boring one-piece suits offered by most swimsuit companies. So she started Splish – a company that makes quality one-piece swimsuits with a sense of fun.

I personally own the skeleton suit (pictured right). There are dozens more on her website:

Sorry guys: even though Splish offers men’s suits, the ladies get the best selection.

Please be advised: the suits are in athletic sizes. They’re sized by chest measurement instead of “normal” women’s sizing (6, 8, 10).


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