How to do a referral with an eLearner

eLearning Only:
If the student has completed the eLearning program, but has not participated in any confined or open water dives, all they need to do is print off their eLearning Record. This record may be presented to any PADI Member worldwide as proof the student has completed the knowledge development portion of the PADI Open Water course.

eLearning + Some Confined or Open Water Training:
If the student diver has completed some confined or open water training dives, then simply complete a PADI Open Water Diver Course Referral Form (found in the PADI Instructor Manual or on the PADI Pros website) signing off on the sessions that have been completed successfully.

Using a student record file . . .

Photocopy the back of the student record file, include a copy of the student’s medical approval from his doctor (if applicable), sign off underneath the knowledge development section that all has been completed (one signature is enough). You don’t need to sign and date each individual knowledge development session as he did it online and he should still have his eLearning Record as proof of that.

Thanks to Eric in PADI’s training department for his assistance with this article.


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