New PADI Products: DPV, Boat and Decals

Debuting at DEMA: two new specialty crewpaks: DPV and Boat Diver.

The new DPV Crewpak (PN 60167) includes the new DPV Manual (79309) and DPV DVD (70929). You can read more about the new DPV product in PADI’s Surface Interval article.

The Boat Diver Crewpak (PN 60171) includes the new Boat Manual (79170) and Boat Diver DVD (70930).

Suggested retail for both crewpaks (same price) is $53.20.

Available Now:
We also have new stickers for both PADI Pros and PADI Divers. They’re $.50 each and are available now. Click the link above for product shots.

PADI Diver (50029)
PADI Master Scuba Diver (50031)
PADI Divemaster (50038)
PADI Assistant Instructor (50041)
PADI Instructor (50043)
PADI Master Instructor (50048)
PADI Course Director (50050)


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