Add photos to your dive center listing online

PADI recently announced some enhancements to its online Dive Center and Resort Directory. To the left is a snapshot of search results for Key Largo – which listing does your eye go to first?

What’s pictured left is an example of the “Premium” web enhancement. There is also a “Basic”package.

Premium ($39.95/month) includes:
* Description up to 300 characters
* Three photos
* A highlighted border

Basic ($19.95 / month) includes:
* Description up to 300 characters
* One photo

To upgrade your listing, go to the PADI Web Connector located in the IRRA Toolbox. The online tool will take you through the setup and automatically resize any photos.

All PADI IRRA Members are entitled to a free web link on If your link does not appear, or if the web address is not current, log on to PADI Pros, click on IRRA toolbox and select Add/Change Web Link.

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