Flip-flops and dry suit diving

October’s Specialty of the Month is Dry Suit Diver and our featured prize: PADI Flip-Flops. Okay, so flip-flops don’t necessarily go with dry suit diving, but they’re still pretty cool.

The flip-flops have the PADI logo “reverse embossed” in the sole so it imprints “PADI, PADI, PADI” down the sand. If you’ve seen the DAN flip-flops they’re the same idea, um, no comment on this surprising coincidence.

The sandals come in one size for men and one size for women. Students will need to submit a redemption form along with a store receipt and proof of membership in the PADI Diving Society. Additional details can be found on the Specialty of the Month webpage.

P.S. Don’t forget, PADI has a special offer going with DUI.

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