A-2-Z Scuba Diving Mt. Rainier

When Amy from A-2-Z Scuba called me up and said, “Guess where we went diving?” I could hardly believe it when she answered, “Lake Mowich, Mt. Rainier.”

“We did an Altitude Class,” she said, “and it was full.”

Amy and her staff promoted the trip by making call outs and posting the dive on online forums. As it turns out, students get pretty excited about trying an unusual* specialty. Being able to brag, “I dove on Mt. Rainier,” well, that’s pretty cool too.

The following Monday, A-2-Z’s trip was the hot topic on local dive forums. Guess where A-2-Z is diving this weekend? Mt Rainier. The second altitude class? It’s full.

There are all kinds of unusual specialties out there. If you can believe it, there’s even an Underwater Basket Weaving (Distinctive) Specialty. What unusual specialties can you offer students?

To see additional photos from the Mt. Rainier dive please stop by: A-2-Z’s photos from the Mt. Rainier dive.

* Okay, I know altitude diving isn’t a big deal for you Montana guys, but diving above 1,000 feet is bragging rights for coastal folk!

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