Activities to promote the Advanced course

AOW slates: Don’t Leave Home Without Them
Your Adventure in Diving slates are a great tool for selling continuing education.

The next time you’re taking students on a fun dive, hand out fish ID cards and brief the Fish ID Adventure dive (but don’t tell students that’s what you’re up to). When students finish the dive, debrief and let them know, “Guess what? You’re only four dives away from being an Advanced Open Water Diver and one dive away from your Fish ID specialty!”

This works well for other Adventure Dives such as Underwater Naturalist, Underwater Navigator or Boat Diver.

Adventures in Diving Olympics
Invite Open Water Divers back to the confined water for an Adventure in Diving event. This “advanced” confined water event could include, a night dive (if lights can be turned off), a navigation orientation (compass introduction and practice), buoyancy practice by swimming through various stations (hoops) and the use of lift bags, DPV;s and any other clever introduction to the Adventure in Diving Course. Then make certain you spend enough time “closing the sale” by showing the student materials (crew pack) and equipment required and pricing (and financing options). This confined water session allows students to enjoy participating in the sport together and get excited for additional opportunities and training.

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