Specialty of the Month prizes

PADI’s Specialty of the Month program is a popular way to promote continuing education. Each month, PADI offers a free gift for students who enroll in a featured specialty course. All you have to do is sell them the course training and a crewpak. In some cases you may need to sign students up for PADI Diving Society.*

Here are some bits and pieces you can use to promote the Specialty of the Month. Please feel free to “right click” these images and capture them for your website.

Link to: http://www.padi.com/specialtyofthemonth for the complete 2007 calendar and a helpful FAQ.




SPECIALTY OF THE YEAR – Digital Underwater Photographer

* Students must be new or current PADI Diving Society members to qualify for the free gift. Sign up students using the application (PN: 82051). Annual membership is $29 for the first person and $10 for each additional person in the same household.

Alternately – you can order Society membership vouchers for $19 each (product number 50036). You’ll receive a decal to enclose in lieu of a check or credit card payment and make $10 for each new person you sign up. The decals cannot be used for membership renewals.

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