eLearning Enhancement Paks

PADI’s online course includes everything the student diver needs to complete their knowledge development – including a virtual RDP. Of course, the student needs a real RDP (and a few other things) to finish the course- so PADI has created an “enhancement pak.”

The enhancement pak includes:
– A student record file (10058)

– An RDP table or eRDP (60054, 70028)
– A blue log book (70047)
– A blue crewpak bag (60102)

The eRDP version is product number: 70823. MSRP: $37.82
The RDP table version is product number: 70824. MSRP: $35.84

Coming in mid-late2010: enhancement pack for dive computer option.

Is it possible to create your own enhancement pak? Absolutely.

Many of you provide students with a branded cordura logbook binder. In this situation, just order the enhancement pak items ala carte and substitute the adventure log start-up pages (PN 70035)* for the blue logbook.
Custom logbook binders are a simple yet powerful investment in customer loyalty. Every time your student logs a dive they will be reminded of your store. If you’re interested in custom binders, let me know. 
* We may be discontinuing the loose-leaf logbook  pages in 2010.

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