Compressed Air Car

My friend Sebastian (PADI’s sales rep for Latin America) sent me an article about a car that runs on compressed air. Mexico City is looking into using the “air cars” as taxis.

The car’s top speed is about 70 mph and it can go for 125 miles without refueling. An on-board air compressor can refill its tanks – in about four hours.

The car’s manufacturer envisions compressed air filling stations where the vehicles can fill-up in a matter of minutes.

Compressed air filling stations . . . hmmmmm.

An Australian TV station produced this news report which shows the car in action as well as the chassis. The reporter gives us the major downside to this new invention: the car is essentially made of aluminum and glue, so importation to the US is unlikely.

In semi-related news, Mercedes-Benz has a concept car inspired by the Box Fish.

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