How To: Buy and Use PADI eLearning or Touch codes

This webpage provides step-by-step directions for using the new PADI Online Processing Center. We’ll cover:

Sending codes to students
Certifying students
Creating default settings
Re-Sending codes
Hints tips and suggestions

Before we begin, there are a few things to note:

  • To send codes to your student(s), you must first purchase them from your Sales Consultant or from the PADI Pros’ site (click the red Shop Online button, and follow the steps to purchase).
  • Each student must have their own email address. Families cannot share one email.
  • The system will automatically time out after 15 minutes of inactivity.
  • Instructions are available in français and español.

Getting Started

PADI Online Processing Center OLPC Overview1. Click the Assign Codes button from the home screen

All unassigned codes will be shown. If you’ve purchased a lot of codes, use the drop down menus along the top to filter for the code you want. Need to assign a ReActivate code? Please read Getting Started with PADI ReActivate.

TIP: Filter by course (Open Water, Nitrox, etc) to easily find a code
The image below shows an example of filtering for Open Water codes.

Assign eLearning code PADI Pros Site

2. Click the Assign Code button to transmit a course to to a student.

3. Input the student’s name, birthdate* and email address.
Each student must have their own email address.

* Due to laws governing minors on the internet, students younger than 13 will not be able to redeem a code you send them. Divers 10-12 should purchase the Touch from your website, or

The looping animation below previews the steps of assigning a code.

PADI online processing center how to animation

Oops?!? If you accidentally send a code to the wrong person, or misspell the student’s name, scroll down to the section Edit or Re-Assign a Code to find out what to do next.

If your student is having trouble receiving the registration email:

Please ask them to check their Spam or Junk folder. Gmail users should check the Promotions Tab.

If the email is nowhere to be found, there is an alternate way for students to register for their PADI eLearning / Touch program.

Certifying Students

  1. To certify eLearning, Touch and ReActivate, students, start by clicking the Process / View Your Students button.If the student did not originate with you / your store, you can look them up by clicking the Search Codes button or via Process / View Your Students.

Certify PADI eLearning or Touch student

2. To find the student you’re ready to certify, you have a few options:

  • If the student originated with you: simply scroll through the list until you find their name, OR, use the drop down menus to filter by course, assigned date, etc.
  • Use the PADI ID from the student’s certificate of completion to locate a student regardless of their initial shop or instructor affiliation.
  • Search for the student using their full name and birthdate (see looping animation below)

Search for a Student

Search for PADI diver online processing

TIP: Find ReActivate students by filtering for the course-level they are ReActivating (ex. Advanced OW) or by filtering for Product Type: Touch .

3. Once you find the student you’d like to certify click the Process button.

4. Confirm the student information, and upload a photo.

The looping animation below previews the steps in processing a student.

certify a PADI eLearning Touch student

5. The last step is to add the instructor and class information.

At the end, you’ll have the option to email a temporary card to your student (exception: ReActivate students do not have the option for an email temp card at this time).

IMPORTANT! Do not use ala carte Online PICs to certify eLearning or Touch or ReActivate students.

PADI Online PICs

Edit or Re-Send a Code

If you made an error when sending the code to a student, fear not! Here’s how to make changes.

  1. Click the Process / View Your Students button.
  2. The student(s) name will likely be at the top of the list. If you don’t see them, use the drop downs to filter for your student based on the course type, assigned date, etc.

PADI eLearning code troubleshooting

3. In the example above, the instructor has accidentally used the same email address for Luke and Anakin Skywalker. This won’t end well. Every student must use a different email address

4. The instructor contacts Anakin, explains the situation and asks him for a different email address. The instructor re-sends the eLearning course invite by clicking the Email button in the same row as his name, and typing in the new email address.

How to edit PADI eLearning email

5. The final step is to click Confirm.

You can also click the Remove button which will put the code back into your Available codes queue. It’s a complete “do over.”

PADI eLearning code troubleshooting

If the student has redeemed their code, you won’t be able to edit their name or email address. In the example above, the Skywalkers can be edited, the Redeemed Date shows “N/A” for both of them. Steve Zissou’s name and email cannot be edited as his course shows a redeemed date. That said, if Steve wanted his account to show “Steven” instead of “Steve” he has the ability to edit this information as part of the registration process.

Save Time, Create Default Settings

Create default settings so information will auto-populate based on instructor, course, etc. From the OLPC main screen, scroll down to the bottom and click My Preferences. Then, set up one or more default settings.

The looping animation below previews the process.

How to create defaults PADI online processing

Need Help?

Look for the circle i icons to get more information on where to go next.
Contact PADI Americas customer service at: 800 729 7234 ext. 2495 or +1 949 858 7234 ext. 2495.

Tool tips PADI online processing

57 Replies to “How To: Buy and Use PADI eLearning or Touch codes”

  1. Can I as the instructor who purchased the eLearning program check on the progress of my student? If so, where would I go to do that?

    1. Hi Steve, yes you should be able to check progress by logging into with your PADI Pros login (choose instructor from the dropdown menu). If you have any issues, please call customer service at: 800 729 7234 ext. 2495 or +1 949 858 7234 ext. 2495. PLease be advised that you will not be able to login / check progress until your student has registered and started the course. – Megan

  2. When a student purchases an e-learning or touch course, there is a Quick Review they are to take to demonstrate that they understand the material covered during their course. What form does the review take and where is it found for Instructor access?

  3. I received the e-mail on the touch 80281 pack that is on sale until 3/31, but can’t seem to find a place to order it. Help!

  4. Hi there,
    I’ve bought a eRDPml touch on PADI’s website got everything approved and the direction on how to get it from the PADI library app. So I went registered with the similar details as my PADI pro details and I should only have to tap but nothing happens. The page has my name and and details I have purchased the eRDPML but I should be able to download it but I can’t!
    Is anyone has an idea of what I’m doing wrong?
    Thanks in advance for the help

    1. I too bought an eRDPml Touch. I purchased it several months ago and thought I would receive something via mail or e-mail telling me how to load it. Months have gone by and I contacted my sales rep who said find it in the “drop down menu on the site.” Well, my trying to find this drop down menu lead me here to read you comment. You got further than I did 🙂

      1. Hi Lt Dan, I can see in your order history that the eRDPML Touch was purchased on 22 July. At that time, what your sales rep told you was correct, you would have needed to use the drop down menus to make the code show up. At the end of August we updated the online processing center so, among other things, all codes display by default. Have you attempted to access your code in the last week or so? If you still experience problems, please phone our customer service department at: 800 729 7234 ext. 2495. – Megan

  5. I ordered a Touch product code, successfully sent it to my student, and the student registered it. However, they emailed me and told me that there is not enough space on their apple device to download the product. The student supposedly removed some music and photos to make room, but was still unable to download. Now they want to switch to the eLearning instead, advice?

    1. Hi Chad, your student should contact our customer service department at 800 729 7234 ext. 2495 (I recommend phoning as opposed to email). We open at 7am California time Mon – Fri. We will need to know the student’s email address used during registration, student name, and the code sent. Thanks, – Megan

  6. Megan,

    Thank you for the reply. I have provided the contact info to my student. In the future I will be sure to notify my students of the required space needed for download. What is the course of action on this particular situation though?

    1. Hi Chad, the course of action is for the student to speak to customer service. They have protocols for how to handle technical issues and when to issue refunds. Sorry I can’t be of more assistance in this area. For what it’s worth I’ve added file size information to the product descriptions on our online shopping cart. – Megan

  7. My clients bought the Open Water online cert pack. We were only able to complete the scuba diver training in the time we had. Can I use their code to certify them as scuba divers? They want to do some fun dives during their travels and complete their training at a later date.

  8. Okay so, I accidentally spelled a student’s name wrong but, I only realised after I had processed all his details and sent him his temporary card.
    Must I use a new pic to re-certify him or is there someone I can contact who can change it?

  9. I’m planning to buy OW eLearning as a surprise gift for a friend. Is there a way I can access/print a PADI eLearning gift certificate for him like on the main customer page? Would like to have something official and professional to present him with.

    1. Hi April,

      If you buy the codes direct off the PADI Pros shopping cart we don’t offer gift options, it wasn’t really designed to do that. You can, however, buy a code for your friend off and choose from several options. Alternately you could use fiverr, ask a friend to create something for you, or buy a blank certificate at an office supply store. Hope this helps. – Megan

  10. Hi Megan!!!

    I purchased a divemaster eLearning at the store, but it isn’t showing up under the codes. How long does it take to show up? I have a confirmation email from PADI that the sale was processed.

    1. Hi Ash,

      In order for the student to buy their eLearning pack from PADI, they would have ordered it at the end of the online course sign up process. Whatever store the students affiliate with during course registration receives the revenue share on both the online program and the eLearning pack. Hope this helps.

    1. Hi Kim, unfortunately it is not possible to change the language of an eLearning course after it has been purchased. Looks like you are affiliated with the Asia-Pacific Office. Since this is the PADI Americas blog, we recommend contacting the Asia Pacific Office for any follow up questions: +61 2 9454 2888 or customerservice.ap at pad dot com

  11. I purchased and assigned codes to 1 OW and 1 ADV OW student. When they enter their emails and passwords they created for their PADI accounts, it does not log them in, then when they click “Forgot Password?” and enter emails, it gives a message saying that emails are not in their records. As their instructor, I received an email from PADI acknowledging their registration for the elearning. How can they login and start using the elearning courses?

    1. Hi Barbara, I’m sorry for the issues your students have had with signing into the eLearning program. Please contact our customer service team at customerservice@ padi dot com or call 949 858 7234 ext. 2430 and they will be able to assist you. Thank you! PADI

  12. I just purchased a OW Korean Touch and an OW English Touch. I am the instructor, but I can only log in as a student? And the codes don’t show up in my account so that I can give the to my students. Is there any way I can get the codes?

  13. I bought online elearning for my 4 student, and i send them their code but they couldnt get in, because my shop name was not listed in the list..

  14. Hi,

    I assigned an online code to a student for the rescue diver course. However they are having problems logging into the e-learning site.

    The email i used is not recognised as having an account,

    Please advise

    1. Hi Sarah,
      We are sorry for the issues your student has had logging into the eLearning site. The student should have received an email when you assigned the online code to them. Then there is a link in the email to complete the registration. Did they receive this email?
      Thank you, PADI

  15. where can i look to check the progress of my elearning students…i tried to sign onto the elearning and no madder what i use (instr, admin, subadmin) it always say password wrong..i also just changed my password and still cannot get into the page which show progress.. seems like an easy click button for that could be put some where easy to find..

  16. Hi
    I am struggling to find a good description on precisely how the revenue sharing for the elearning works. Is there a link to any site with a good description on how the revenue share works,when it is applicable, how much it is etc.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Marcel,
      The revenue share model for PADI eLearning/digital products is available to PADI Dive Shops. We are happy to assist you understand this model and the amount of rev share can be found in the 2017 Member Price List. If you email our sales team at, they will be happy to assist you.

      Thank you, PADI

  17. there has two questions!
    1.i am instructor, how i can regist an elearning classroom and account? that i can fllow my student’s study!!
    2. my one of student get a freediving ituch. but she can not download the testbooks. so she want login PC, how can she regist a PC elearning account??

    1. Hi there,
      Are you asking if the EFR Pic is included in the Rescue certification Pak? If so, it is not and is a separate item.

      Thank you,

  18. Can you update the instructions to actually buy the codes? I see no where in the online processing center to buy them, and the online store in the padi’s pro shop is very confusing.

    1. Hi there,
      You can contact your Sales & Training representative and they will be happy to help you purchase the codes.

      Thank you!

  19. How much eLearning programs pay to Instructors or Dive Centers?
    – Reactivate
    – Open Water
    – Advanced OW
    – Rescue diver

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